Fix-It-Friday: How to Check the Solenoid Valve

Happy Friday everyone! In today's video, learn how to easily and successfully check the solenoid valve on your Accu-Tab® Chlorinator. Keeping your solenoid valve free of debris is essential to the life of your chlorinator, so be sure to check the valve regularly.

How to Check the Solenoid Valve

  • Pliers
  • For ¾” solenoid valves you will need a Phillips screwdriver
  • For 1” or 1 ½” solenoid valves you will need a ½” wrench

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Step 1: Turn off or disconnect power to the chlorination unit
  • Step 2: Shut off the isolation valves to the unit or stop pool filtration
  • Step 3: Remove the retaining nut from the top of the coil.
  • Step 4: Pull the coil off of the solenoid valve
  • Step 5: Take the necessary tool and remove the solenoid valve screws or bolts
  • Step 6: Lift off the top half of the solenoid body. Be careful to keep track of loose parts within the solenoid valve
  • Step 7: Inspect the inside of the valve body for debris that may cause malfunction or blockage
  • Step 8: Remove any debris and check the seat area. If necessary, seat can be cleaned with scotch brite pad.
  • Step 9: Remove and inspect the valve diaphragm for wear or damage. Replace the diaphragm if necessary.
  • Step 10: Check the top half stem bore and diaphragm piston for rust, debris, and damage.
  • Step 11: Once cleaned and inspected, reassemble the solenoid valve in reverse order.
  • Step 12: Open the isolation valves and restore power.
  • Step 13: Test the unit for operation.
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