Fix-It-Friday: How to Replace Metal Lid Latches

Happy Friday everyone! In today's video, learn how to replace the old metal lid latches on your Accu-Tab® chlorinator with new plastic lid latches that won't rust. It's a few simple steps that are guaranteed to improve the life of your chlorinator! Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

How to Replace Metal Lid Latches


  • A 5/32” Drill Bit
  • A 10-32 Tap
  • 2 10-32x1” Pan Phil Screws
  • A drill
  • A Phillips screw driver
  • Two lexan lid clips
  • A new lid

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Step 1: Drill out the center of the old latch rivets
  • Step 2: Remove the old metal latches
  • Step 3: Set the new lid onto the chlorinator.
  • Step 4: Orient the latching area of the lid to the location of the old latches
  • Step 5: Position the drill a ¼” from the existing holes and drill new holes with the 5/32” drill bit
  • Step 6: Tap the new holes using the 10-32 tap
  • Step 7: Attach new latch with 10-32x1” screws
  • Step 8: Repeat this process on the opposite side
  • Step 9: Fill the holes from the metal lid latches with silicone
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