DCM 500 Updated Controller for pH, ORP and Temp

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The DCM 5 Series controllers from ProMinentsport a robust set of features including:

  • 2 Line LCD Display
  • pH Control
  • ORP Control
  • Temperature Control
  • Flow rate monitoring
  • Remote monitoring and control via IP interface
  • Combined Chlorine Control *
  • VFD Control *
  • Automatic discrete control and flow adjustments of chemical dosing pumps *

The DCM 500 comes with pH, ORP and temperature sensors.

The comprehensive feature set of the DCM 5 from ProMinentallows for complete automation of most major pool functions -- from the comfort of your home. With the interactive IP interface, users can connect directly to the DCM 5 controller through any network enabled device (PC, smartphone, tablet, etc) for an unparalleled level of control**.

PurAqua Products is only authorized to distribute ProMinentControllers in North and South Carolina; orders from outside of this territory will be cancelled and summarily refunded.

*These functions may require additional peripherals
** Connectivity functions require the controller to be configured on a network

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Unit Compatibility 1030AT
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