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Fix It Friday: How to Change the Hayward Pump Face Plate

TGIF! Get ready for your weekend project with this Fix It Friday video. This week Steve shows the process of removing the Hayward pump face plate, checking for damage, and re-installing the pump face plate. You can purchase the Hayward face plate online by clicking here. You will need a 5/16" nut driver and channel lock pliers. Instructions are below the video!

How to Change the Hayward Pump Face Plate

Step 1: Before getting started, be sure to shut off the supply water to chlorinator.

Step 2: Vaccum out the tank of the unit.

Step 3: Remove the front union from the pump and rotate away.

Step 4: Remove the bolts from face plate and pull off. Set the bolts in a safe place.

Step 5: Safely remove any debris or scaling.

Step 6: Install new o-ring in new faceplate.

Step 7: Reinstall faceplate and snug all bolts.

Step 8: Reattach plumbing union and run a leak test.

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