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Fix It Friday: How to Install a Level Switch

Happy Fix It Friday! In today's video Steve will show how to properly install a level switch in an Accu-Tab Chlorination system. To complete the installation you will need: a precision screwdriver, channel lock pliers, teflon tape, level switch, wire stripper, ohm meter, and wiring diagram. You can find the Madison Level Switches line here on our website. Written instructions are below the video.

How to Install a Level Switch


Step 1: Disconnect the power to the Accu-Tab Unit.

Step 2: Locate the level switch wires to be replaced in the electrical panel.

Step 3: Remove one of the wires to test the with the ohm meter.

Step 4: Test level switch wires with the ohm meter. If the reading is good, you will receive a reading of 0. If not, continue with the removal of the level switch.

Step 5: Remove the switch wires from the terminals.

Step 6: Loosen the flex connector and pull the flex hose from the panel.

Step 7: Remove the top half of the chlorinator to view the level switch orientation in the lower tank. Spin the level switch out while taking note of the float position.

Step 8: Remove conduit from the old switch and place it onto the new one.

Step 9: Install the level switch into the tank properly and rewire.

Step 10: Test the unit operation.

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