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PurAqua Products Quality Policy

Quality Policy

PurAqua Products, Inc. is committed to quality and complete customer satisfaction on time, every time, by:

  • Always monitoring our performance against a proven track record.
  • Being responsive to our customers’ changing needs and exceeding their expectations.
  • Focusing on company-wide continual improvement in everything we do.
  • Striving for excellence in the products we manufacture and supply.
Accomplishing these standards allow us to be a highly respected company in each of our customers’ supply chains.


  1. Maintain On-Time Shipment of Completed Orders (Goal: 100%)
  2. Minimize Component Stockouts (Goal: 0)
  3. Minimize Errors in Orders Shipped (Goal: ≤ 2%)
  4. Maintain Customer Satisfaction Level (Goal: ≥ ‘B’ or ‘4/5’ on scale)