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PurAqua Products has the parts and resources you need to complete the maintenance or repair job on your Accu-Tab chlorinator system. Whether you are looking for replacement filters like our Rusco inlet filters, or replacement solenoid valves or rebuild kits, we have what you need in stock and ready to send out.

No matter if you are an experienced technician or new to the industry, PurAqua Products has the information you need to complete the job. You can find manuals, instructions and other information on Accu-Tab chlorination feeders in the Resource Center. The Resource Center also provides wiring diagrams and safety information to ease the process of repair. You can find informational videos with step by step instructions with replacement parts and kits on our YouTube Channel.

PurAqua Products is characterized with technicians that have many years experience. Please Contact us through the contact page if you have any questions.


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Accu-Tab Replacement Pumps & Accessories

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Accu-Tab Replacement Electrical Accessories


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