Accu-Tab® Unit Diagrams

PurAqua Products is the proud manufacturer of Accu-Tab® Chlorinators. We manufacture a wide range of units to meet the varying needs of commercial pool and industrial users. We often get calls and emails asking for drawings and diagrams of units, so we have made them available to you online! See our complete list of units below and click the desired unit name to view its detailed diagram and parts list. Below the replacement part diagrams you will find downloadable CAD drawings of each unit. 


Easy Parts Locator by Unit Diagram

Commercial Pool Unit Diagrams

Industrial Unit Diagrams

Accu-Tab Series® 100 Accu-Tab® PowerPro 3012
Accu-Tab® PowerBase 1030 Accu-Tab® PowerPro 3075
Accu-Tab® PowerBase 3070AT Accu-Tab® PowerPro 3150
Accu-Tab® PowerBase 3075 Accu-Tab® PowerPro 3530
Accu-Tab® PowerBase 3140AT Accu-Tab® 2000 Series 2075P
Accu-Tab® PowerBase 3150 Accu-Tab® 2000 Series 2150P
Accu-Tab® PowerBase 3500 Accu-Tab® PowerPro 30600
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